I have worked as an architectural designer since 1992. During my university years and later on I learned from noted architects  like Ferenc Török, Ferenc Cságoly, Sándor Pálfy, János Roth and Gábor Turányi. My favourite architectural style is secession shaking up the European Academic art. For me Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau was the golden age of architecture bringing the best harmony of beauty and content as never before. Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the architects of the Vienna Secession (e.g. Josef Franz Maria Hoffmann) belong to a category beyond compare.

Just as my role models practised several artistic activities, I am also involved in different forms of art. Analog photography has made a great impression on me since my childhood, my father developed and dried his photos himself and took me into the process too. We would be hiking a lot with my grandfather, he was an agriculturalist, my father was a forestry engineer. They introduced and explained the nature to me, so nature photography has remained my favourite hobby.

I feel an irresistible desire to present and reveal reality in the form of pictures, from idealistic or rational aspects. Practicing line-gesture drawing where lines shape and define themselves is a fresh experience influencing my architectural work, enabling me to articulate deeper layers of visual thinking. My intention is to create objective imaging with an artistic dimension.

Born: 28.06.1967., Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Budapest University of Technology, Faclty of Architecture, 1992.
Master Course in Architecture – Union of Masters of Architecture 1994-96.

Építész Stúdió Kft. - Architect - 1992-1997.
Kertész Építész Stúdió - Architect - 1997-1999.
A-H Modul Építészeti Kft. -Architect, Executive Director - 2000-

Budapest University of Technology, Dept. of Public Building Design:
External Lecturer
Budapest University of Technology, Dept. of Residential Building Design:
Ass. Lecturer - 2001-2005.
Ass. Professor - 2006-2015.

Exhibitions and Awards:
Diploma Award, Budapest University of Technology, 1992.
Local Value Photo Exhibition at Kós Károly Hall of MÉSZ, 2018.


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