In the past three decades I have participated in numerous succesful architectural design projects as a leader designer, co-operated with several famous architects.  In 2000 I established my own enterprise.

We make full documentations for Building PermitsSimplified Building Notifications and Construction Documentations of any building type. We are also involved in making Scale Models and Interior Designs.
We co-operate with experienced consultant designers to offer complete service to our clients.

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scale models

public buildings

Graphisoft park - Budapest

I participated in designing the first buildings of Graphisoft Headquarters in co-operation with  Építész Stúdió.

Entrance canopy of Mezőgazdasági Gépesítési Intézet - Gödöllő

Reconstruction of the entrance of an existing building.

Competition plans

Private Prison, Tiszalök

After making several study plans I designed conceptual building permit drawings for OTP consortium.

Market Building on Fehérvári út - Budapest

Reconstructing the popular market building, the owners intended to make the open  building more covered. I participated in the project with Kertész Építész Stúdió.

Reconstruction of Madách promenade átalakítása - study plan

I participated in the project with Kertész Építész Stúdió.

Expo Budapest

We made plans for catering facilities with Építész Stúdió for the Budapest Expo.

residential buildings

Family home - fonyód

The family residence consists of two buildings on the Fonyód hill with a fantastic view over Lake Balaton.

Family home - Szentendre

A single storey house with moderate and proportionate spaces.

Family home - Szentendre

A project still in process to be implemented in the near future. This house has a clean still complex geometrical form in an interesting environmental context.

Summer house - Kismaros

An atrium house with an interesting form, “sneaking” between the trees of the garden, can be used as a family home, too.

Family home - Pomáz

Extension and reconstruction of an old building.

Reconstructed family home- Budapest

I designed the reconstruction of the front facade of this protected eclectic building keeping the high quality of the original design.

Apartment buildings

Apartment building - Budapest, Teleki tér

This building is located on a former vacant lot in the 8th district of Budapest containing 30 apartments of different sizes.

Apartment building - Budapest, Drégely utca

This building is located on a former vacant lot in the 9th district of Budapest with penthouse apartments on the top floor.